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What?! there are the 4 endings? I can only find 3!!!

Such a sweet story with adorable characters. I love the artstyle too. Great work Ekkoberry.

Thank you very much!

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Such a beautiful and heart-warming game ^^!, cute drawings and nice soundtrack too :) ^^, I really loved playing it :D, amazing job ^w^!!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

You're more than welcome >w< <3!

This game is soooooo cute!!

The art is so beautiful and the characters are ADORABLE! I genuinely LOVE this game and would definitely recommend it!

thank you very much!

this is really well made! i love the art and music, and the story was cute too. good aesthetic!!! i really liked the point and click segments were characters were on screen and looking around and whatnot, it really pulls you in to their little world and makes the scene feel alive (if that makes sense haha). i really enjoyed this <3

Ahhh thank you Nami! I really enjoy your VNs, so that means a lot coming from you!!

I absolutely adore your game. I hope you don't mind, I am doing a let's play of your game on YouTube. Here is episode 1!

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So I just finished your game, but must still  put up some of the episodes. I must really compliment you in recreating one of the best visual novels I have ever played. I got the perfect ending, which was very sweet and romantic. Thank you for creating such a beautiful game. I sincerely hope to see more of your work in the future.

Thank you very much!! ;___; that means a lot!!

I don't mind at all! thank you very much for doing one!! <33

It is my privilege. It is such a beautiful game. 


This game is so sweet! I absolutely adored the point and click elements and the little bits of dialogue for the objects Red/Alex interact with here and there. Having followed you on Youtube for a while and seeing your art every now and again was nice, but playing this game and seeing all the cute touches, (characters blinking, fire swaying, etc.) really made me appreciate that more. I really do love your style, not to mention how truly earthy and soft (?) the whole thing felt. The forest felt very cozy...? If that makes any sense. Really, watching the story play out and getting the perfect ending was so satisfying! Everyone who worked on this did such a great job too. The music was really great! (I just opened the game to listen to the title theme as I wrote this out, hehe). All in all, this game was tons of fun and I loved the way you handled some tougher topics without things getting too heavy. Thanks so much for making such a lovely game!

Ahhhh thank you!! ;__; <33

The game is very sweet and thought-out - these little bits of text about various objects in the scenes, or how characters follow the cursor with their poses or eyes, animations make the world of Red Riding Hood seem very much alive! Art and UI (cool menu, cursor with active character's chibi portrait and this adorable font that looks just list pencil scribbles) are also impressive - this storybook-like style simply stole my heart! And what's more - there is a lot of stuff to think about seriously (like this whole people-wolves dynamic), just awesome!

Haha, it seems like I can gush about this game for quite a while :D So, thanks a lot for making it and I'm really looking forward for all the cool things you make in the future.

Thank you very much!!

Game is very good 10/10

i freaking LOVED the art style and story

Thank you very much!

Wheres the book in the first part of the game, i am having some trouble finding it!

In Red's room on the shelf! ;0;

the one with the wolf plushie..if so, i already tried that. But i will TRY AGAIN! 

Nah, the big red book on the top shelf!

thanks for telling me it helped.

also how old are the characters alex and red?

Never decided on an official age, but I guess young teen? 13-16ish

Just finished the game, the art style fitted perfectly with the story and was absolutely beautiful and you can tell the hard work put in the art. The story was really cute, this is a smart  way to tell it about cute young love. I haven't gotten all the endings but the first time i got the perfect ending it was really perfect....I hope do more projects like this....maybe even ones about fairy tales like this one.

Thank you very much!! ;0;; <33 I'm really happy you enjoyed it!

oh and i'll just go with 14 cause that's what i thought before


thank you very much fore the game

Thank you very much!! I'm glad you like it!

Loved the game, very cute and wholesome!

Thank you!!