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With Red’s Mother falling ill, it’s left to Red and her friend Alex to collect medicine from her Grandmother on the other side of the forest.

Through the time spent together, it’s made clear there’s some underlying tension between the two of them. Playing as Red, your choices will affect whether or not you can resolve this issue.

A retelling of a classic fairy tale.


- ~20k words
- Point and click elements
- 4 endings

Title theme by KIRA!

PG13 for some mentions of mature topics.

UPDATE 31/05/2022: Fixed a game-breaking bug with the Russian version. 

UPDATE 26/08/2019: Fixed a minor bug or 2 and added the option of a Russian download. 

Russian Translation by SmilingGenocide (Thank you!)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(62 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAnime, Casual, Cute, Fantasy, Multiple Endings, Ren'Py, Romance, rrh, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout an hour


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RRH-1.1-mac.zip 72 MB
RRH-1.1-pc.zip 89 MB
RRH [RUS]-1.0b-pc.zip 108 MB
RRH [RUS]-1.0b-mac.zip 73 MB


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how to put in another languaje

Download the rus version for russia

This was so sweet and cute, the perfect ending made me really happy. I don't think I'm going to try to get the other endings because I don't want to be mean to Alex lmao. Are you going to make a sequel or something like that someday?


I love this. Thank you so much for creating it! Playing it genuinely made my day.


Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!! :0 <333


It was really so adorable

Thank you very much! I'm glad you thought so! <33

This was a lovely little game! I really loved the artwork, music and adorably wholesome retelling of such a classic story.

Thank you very much! <33

Hello! While playing the game, ive got an error:


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/script.rpy", line 898, in execute

  File "game/script.rpy", line 898, in execute

  File "game/script.rpy", line 909, in execute

TypeError: 'bool' object is not callable

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "game/scenes.rpyc", line 1710, in script

  File "/private/var/folders/dx/v_h3nvzn3gqfzj33n5_805ph0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/993D2285-0C4A-4EDA-B386-6C8E464859FA/d/RRH.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/ast.py", line 706, in execute

    renpy.exports.say(who, what, *args, **kwargs)

  File "/private/var/folders/dx/v_h3nvzn3gqfzj33n5_805ph0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/993D2285-0C4A-4EDA-B386-6C8E464859FA/d/RRH.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/exports.py", line 1336, in say

    who(what, *args, **kwargs)

  File "/private/var/folders/dx/v_h3nvzn3gqfzj33n5_805ph0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/993D2285-0C4A-4EDA-B386-6C8E464859FA/d/RRH.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/character.py", line 1139, in __call__

    self.do_display(who, what, cb_args=self.cb_args, **display_args)

  File "/private/var/folders/dx/v_h3nvzn3gqfzj33n5_805ph0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/993D2285-0C4A-4EDA-B386-6C8E464859FA/d/RRH.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/character.py", line 842, in do_display


  File "/private/var/folders/dx/v_h3nvzn3gqfzj33n5_805ph0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/993D2285-0C4A-4EDA-B386-6C8E464859FA/d/RRH.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/character.py", line 591, in display_say

    rv = renpy.ui.interact(mouse='say', type=type, roll_forward=roll_forward)

  File "/private/var/folders/dx/v_h3nvzn3gqfzj33n5_805ph0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/993D2285-0C4A-4EDA-B386-6C8E464859FA/d/RRH.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/ui.py", line 295, in interact

    rv = renpy.game.interface.interact(roll_forward=roll_forward, **kwargs)

  File "/private/var/folders/dx/v_h3nvzn3gqfzj33n5_805ph0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/993D2285-0C4A-4EDA-B386-6C8E464859FA/d/RRH.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/display/core.py", line 2699, in interact

    repeat, rv = self.interact_core(preloads=preloads, trans_pause=trans_pause, **kwargs)

  File "/private/var/folders/dx/v_h3nvzn3gqfzj33n5_805ph0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/993D2285-0C4A-4EDA-B386-6C8E464859FA/d/RRH.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/display/core.py", line 3091, in interact_core

    root_widget.visit_all(lambda i : i.per_interact())

  File "/private/var/folders/dx/v_h3nvzn3gqfzj33n5_805ph0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/993D2285-0C4A-4EDA-B386-6C8E464859FA/d/RRH.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/display/core.py", line 541, in visit_all

    d.visit_all(callback, seen)

  File "/private/var/folders/dx/v_h3nvzn3gqfzj33n5_805ph0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/993D2285-0C4A-4EDA-B386-6C8E464859FA/d/RRH.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/display/core.py", line 541, in visit_all

    d.visit_all(callback, seen)

  File "/private/var/folders/dx/v_h3nvzn3gqfzj33n5_805ph0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/993D2285-0C4A-4EDA-B386-6C8E464859FA/d/RRH.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/display/core.py", line 541, in visit_all

    d.visit_all(callback, seen)

  File "/private/var/folders/dx/v_h3nvzn3gqfzj33n5_805ph0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/993D2285-0C4A-4EDA-B386-6C8E464859FA/d/RRH.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/display/screen.py", line 430, in visit_all


  File "/private/var/folders/dx/v_h3nvzn3gqfzj33n5_805ph0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/993D2285-0C4A-4EDA-B386-6C8E464859FA/d/RRH.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/display/core.py", line 3091, in <lambda>

    root_widget.visit_all(lambda i : i.per_interact())

  File "/private/var/folders/dx/v_h3nvzn3gqfzj33n5_805ph0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/993D2285-0C4A-4EDA-B386-6C8E464859FA/d/RRH.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/display/screen.py", line 440, in per_interact


  File "/private/var/folders/dx/v_h3nvzn3gqfzj33n5_805ph0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/993D2285-0C4A-4EDA-B386-6C8E464859FA/d/RRH.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/display/screen.py", line 625, in update


  File "game/script.rpy", line 898, in execute

  File "game/script.rpy", line 898, in execute

  File "game/script.rpy", line 909, in execute

  File "<screen language>", line 909, in <module>

TypeError: 'bool' object is not callable



Красная Шапочка 1.0

Fri May 27 20:33:56 2022


what should i do?


It's been a while since I've looked at this project, so I can't say off the top of my head, but based off of the error it looks like there's a variable in there somewhere doing something it shouldn't be- apologies for the problem!

Just to confirm, is it something to do with the maze section of the game?

Yes! i just realized that the russian version is 1.0

I see! Upon playing the Russian version, I was able to recreate the error.

I believe I've fixed it, Please redownload the updated version! If you run into any more issues, please let me know!  

After I'm finished working on my latest project, I'd  like to return to RRH and try and fix up/maybe combine the translations into one project. That should stop something like this happening in the future.

Apologies for the inconvieniance!

Okay, thank you!!!:DDD

Adorable and a great read! No complaints here.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you!

Re playing it again. I still enjoy playing it. The art is cute and so the plot


PLSPLSPLS i love Alex so much, I couldnt bear to be mean to him when the choices for it appear. So yea, that's why i'm just getting the perfect end lol. But anyways, the game is very, totes adorb! i swear i could pop out of existence from the giddyness of experiencing its wholesome aura. Honestly, I'm not really used to the whole pure Red Riding Hood's themed story (maybe because I've read too many gruesome and tragic adaptation) but well, it was a nice change of vibe.

So the point is, good job making this to be one of my favorites.

Same! I love the fairy tale themed games. Btw I would highly recommend Cinderella Phenomenon if you haven't played it yet. The diffirent characters are all under a diffirent 'curse' that is inspired by a fairy tail, and the MC partners with one of 5 guys to help each other break their respective curses. 

Oh yeah I actually have played that! My top favs are Waltz and Fritz, how about yours? Speaking of recommendation.. you should play Taisho x Alice if you haven't! It revolves around these genderbend fairytale characters (Cinderella, etc)!

Awesome! I personally love Waltz (sucker for the childhood troupe) I also played Taisho x Alice very recently actually, although I had mixed feelings about the Gretel route. Personally my favorite was Cinderella, which shocked me bc I thought I wasn't going to like him at all, but he turned out to be such a fun character. I also loved Alice's dialogue in Cinderella's route the most (the door scene was brilliant). Who was your favorite?

(1 edit) (+1)

Same, I'm weak for that trope. Oh yeah, I'm definitely with you there on the Gretel part, his route was.. a questionable thing lol, it had many moments I was weirded out by. And I thought so too, thinking he was just some snobby character but he's so funny (not as funny as our loveable dork Alice tho). My favs are Alice and Cinderella as you can tell already, Red Riding Hood (quiet adorbs, I'm digging for a blushy mess kind of characters), the Wizard, and Snow White.

I want a mini Alice that can sit on my nightstand and yell insults at me with his circus music in the background 

(1 edit)

The art ? Amazing

Story line? Phenomenal

Alex x Red?

I saw this while I was playing so I kept expecting to meet some guy named Jake. And maybe I did? I don't think anyone but Alex and Red had names stated. But I'm so confused...

Oop's sorry, I must've gotten Alex's name wrong

(IDK HOW I GOT HIS NAME WRONG LOL sorry I made you expect to meet a jake ;- ; )

This is really cool !

I usually don’t really like narratives story game -aside from DDLC-, but this one is very different. It’s original, and very polish, from the programming, art, story telling and music perspective.

The style fit very well with the environnement. I never saw your art aside from KIRA video and some art in instagram (whitch is really cool ngl), and I’m impress by how much the style fit with this rustic imaginary world !

The story is cute, and even if I don’t usually like love story this one was so cute. I’m very happy I got the cute ending, it was very intressting ^^. The game feel really at the right length for the story you had, and this made it not so dense not so boring, perfect mix !

From a programming side, even if I’m a python programmer for now 6 years / game designer from even more, I’m impressed at how much polish there is. The click / find section are cool and defenetly add interactivity. It’s not really impressive, it just really nice and well done.

The music fit so well. What can I say, it’s KIRA music ! Appropriate and long ength to have a loop that isn’t boring because it’s too short. Fit well with the ambiance.

In all, I’m suprised how you made this. From only Renpy that I didn’t thougth this powerfull you totally prove me wrong. Thank you again :D

If you want some help / a french translation you can always contact me. I’ll happily do it for free if you want (@Cypooos).

Thanks again, that was a real bless ^^

PS: Sorry for my potential bad english, I’m french.


I really enjoyed this game. It brought me such as peace and happiness. I recommend you all to play this wonderful game! <3

Is there a choice guide?

Sorry for being a scrub, I just like to have a rundown of how to get game endings just in case, so I don't start banging my head against a wall in frustration.


I never really thought to make one- could be a good idea tho haha; I'll try and add one soon!

Thank you so much!


i just really want to say, wow! thank you for this game, it's fantastic! 

the characters are so cute and charming, and alex has legitimately said some of the sweetest things i've ever seen in romance! their interactions were so cute, and i loved seeing red and alex resolve to try and interact with others more! and seeing how red's family accepted alex, and hearing alex talk about how he would teach red wolf, and 'my red' and 'my alex'... there's too much to talk about, and i'm not even halfway done!

the art is so wonderful too! i legitimately stopped to stare at the title screen for several seconds before actually playing the game because of how good it was! the blinking sprites were a nice touch, i loved the look of the backgrounds and the sprites, and you even put in the effort to make the lighting on the cg and the trees in the foreground and the fire move! the little details like that and the characters looking towards the cursor just show how much care went into the game!

and we can't forget the point and click elements! that was super impressive, especially when i noticed things like dialogue changing in red's home depending on when you saw it, and again, the art being integrated into it, and the puzzle! 

thank you again for this game! i had the biggest smile on my face when i got the perfect ending! this really made my day!

Thank you very much!! I'm really happy you enjoyed the game, it means a lot to me!!

(super late response ahhh sorry!! and for such a nice comment too ><

What?! there are the 4 endings? I can only find 3!!!

Such a sweet story with adorable characters. I love the artstyle too. Great work Ekkoberry.

Thank you very much!

(1 edit) (+1)

Such a beautiful and heart-warming game ^^!, cute drawings and nice soundtrack too :) ^^, I really loved playing it :D, amazing job ^w^!!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

You're more than welcome >w< <3!

This game is soooooo cute!!

The art is so beautiful and the characters are ADORABLE! I genuinely LOVE this game and would definitely recommend it!

thank you very much!

this is really well made! i love the art and music, and the story was cute too. good aesthetic!!! i really liked the point and click segments were characters were on screen and looking around and whatnot, it really pulls you in to their little world and makes the scene feel alive (if that makes sense haha). i really enjoyed this <3

Ahhh thank you Nami! I really enjoy your VNs, so that means a lot coming from you!!

I absolutely adore your game. I hope you don't mind, I am doing a let's play of your game on YouTube. Here is episode 1!

(1 edit)

So I just finished your game, but must still  put up some of the episodes. I must really compliment you in recreating one of the best visual novels I have ever played. I got the perfect ending, which was very sweet and romantic. Thank you for creating such a beautiful game. I sincerely hope to see more of your work in the future.

Thank you very much!! ;___; that means a lot!!

I don't mind at all! thank you very much for doing one!! <33

It is my privilege. It is such a beautiful game. 


This game is so sweet! I absolutely adored the point and click elements and the little bits of dialogue for the objects Red/Alex interact with here and there. Having followed you on Youtube for a while and seeing your art every now and again was nice, but playing this game and seeing all the cute touches, (characters blinking, fire swaying, etc.) really made me appreciate that more. I really do love your style, not to mention how truly earthy and soft (?) the whole thing felt. The forest felt very cozy...? If that makes any sense. Really, watching the story play out and getting the perfect ending was so satisfying! Everyone who worked on this did such a great job too. The music was really great! (I just opened the game to listen to the title theme as I wrote this out, hehe). All in all, this game was tons of fun and I loved the way you handled some tougher topics without things getting too heavy. Thanks so much for making such a lovely game!

Ahhhh thank you!! ;__; <33

The game is very sweet and thought-out - these little bits of text about various objects in the scenes, or how characters follow the cursor with their poses or eyes, animations make the world of Red Riding Hood seem very much alive! Art and UI (cool menu, cursor with active character's chibi portrait and this adorable font that looks just list pencil scribbles) are also impressive - this storybook-like style simply stole my heart! And what's more - there is a lot of stuff to think about seriously (like this whole people-wolves dynamic), just awesome!

Haha, it seems like I can gush about this game for quite a while :D So, thanks a lot for making it and I'm really looking forward for all the cool things you make in the future.

Thank you very much!!

Game is very good 10/10

i freaking LOVED the art style and story

Thank you very much!

Wheres the book in the first part of the game, i am having some trouble finding it!

In Red's room on the shelf! ;0;

the one with the wolf plushie..if so, i already tried that. But i will TRY AGAIN! 


Nah, the big red book on the top shelf!

thanks for telling me it helped.

also how old are the characters alex and red?

Never decided on an official age, but I guess young teen? 13-16ish

Just finished the game, the art style fitted perfectly with the story and was absolutely beautiful and you can tell the hard work put in the art. The story was really cute, this is a smart  way to tell it about cute young love. I haven't gotten all the endings but the first time i got the perfect ending it was really perfect....I hope do more projects like this....maybe even ones about fairy tales like this one.

Thank you very much!! ;0;; <33 I'm really happy you enjoyed it!

oh and i'll just go with 14 cause that's what i thought before


thank you very much fore the game

Thank you very much!! I'm glad you like it!

Loved the game, very cute and wholesome!

Thank you!!