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My other YouTube channel was shadowbanned so i made a new channel! (reuploaded) visual novel channel. 

why is it called hollow victory it seems to me like bro just took an unrestrained L 

is it gay orrrrr


Can you add it on Android?


reaches for him through the bars


This was a really nice visual novel! 

In a lot of ways, my heart went out to Xael. He wasn't exactly a good person, but it was very obvious that he cared for Prin a lot.
Whether we chose to be unkind to him, or somewhat sweet, he still seemed to love Prin regardless. It was also nice to know that he had attempted to shield Prin from his misdeeds.

I sort of want to know more about Xael (and about his time with Prin). It would be interesting to see what events led to this, as well as to see what comes after since I have to wonder if Xael will outlive even the prison that holds him. Or, if there's an actual story to Prin helping him escape!

Even if we don't get more of a story, Hollow Victory was delightful and I thoroughly enjoyed the little conversations we could have with Xael.

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I now want to know more about Xael and his misdeeds. I like how his character is written and the dynamic between him and Prin. Great work!


I enjoyed this short game, it's odd the way I sort of felt for Xael. Obviously he didn't feel bad about trying to take over the world, but weirdly I understood why he felt that way. Like, it is in his nature as a... what, a demon lord or something? It's in his nature to try to take over the world. I don't agree with him, obviously, but it is interesting to think about his perspective. It seems the only part he didn't like about his plan was losing Prin, even when you express clear distain for him, he still cares enough to warn Prin to leave town. The writing was really good, Xael felt like he was still weighing the results of his actions against what he felt was 'right' and a big part f it that was troubling him was how his actions affected Prin. I really don't know how to express what I am thinking very well, my writing and speech are sometimes stilted and difficult to follow, but I really liked this game.

Good story

It is such a sweet game! I enjoyed it and the three different endings had small changes but each carried a different weight! <3

i would so love to see more of this game!! such a compelling story in just 1000 words :'c

i enjoyed it, great work 

Random Scuffed Games #80

Vorgeschlagen von: winter_fox8

Sehr gut illustriert, aber leider nicht sehr abwechslungsreich.

Ich kann leider auch nicht viel mehr dazu sagen, außer dass ich trotz der kurzen Beschreibung am Anfang eine gute Vorstellung davon was hier gerade passiert. Eine mini Immersion sozusagen.


Dito: 3/5

Chat: 3.29/5

Gesamt: 3.15/5

can someone respond to me on how to download it and play bc im on pc and idk 

There's a purple "Download" button near the bottom of the screenshots! Click that to be taken to the downloads

Once you've finished downloading the game, as shown in the image provided by the person/dev above, click on the downloaded file (go to downloads). Right-click on it and select the "Extract to..." option. If you're using Windows 11, right-click on the file, click "Show more options," and then select "Extract to..." 

--Do not click the "Cancel" button, as this may prevent some files from extracting properly, and you may not be able to play the game.  (Many people have actually done this, and this is why they see a 'dll missing' error message when they try to play the game.)

Once you've finished extracting the files, look for the file that has "Application" listed under the "Type" column. (andd you can finally play the game :D)



I love how dynamic this feels??? Like, the simple way you used the same or slightly altered art and split it up to draw attention to certain features??? Like, when Xael first enters we see his shoe! Like, that's so unique to this game, I've rarely seen it in any others to this extent??? Utterly beautiful, omg, absolutely LOVED it. 

I also adored the story you managed to tell with such few words, and how different those stories were depending on my word choices. I love simple ones like this because it just makes my heart MELT for certain ones and break in others. Utterly fantastic character writing as well.

Even though it's so short, you get such a solid feel for how both characters operate, even if Prin can be a little more flexible considering we control them. (Prin is such a pretty name ngl, absolutely love it)

CTRL+C'd from my bookmark for this game;

"Ending 1: "Rekindling" I was in my flirtatious era, I was letting this Xael worm his way back into Prin's good graces !!
Prin may not free him using his offer but,,, man, the horns and get-up are definitely attractive I'll agree with that (I say, as an aroace person)
Okay but srsly, silly /pos lil evil guy you know how it is


Ending 2: "Purgatory" Heheh I told him Prin didn't like his form and he was like "Would you take me back if I wasn't?" fvj4htgr and then I hit em with the ..maybe from Prin
Homie wanted that "yes", mans want that LOVE back bro giggling
He did not appreciate such an iffy answer, sorry broski, this is just what happens when you attack the city and cause mass property damage 😔✊

Awww baby misses that love so badlyyyy omg

Ending 3: "Moving On" THAT SWITCH-UP AS SOON AS HE STARTS IT OFF WITH "You sound bitter" OMFG OMFG AAAA /POSPOSPOS That's a big ol' change from the rest of the ending games !! Being so mean really did make him upset,,, OMG THAT "Get out by midnight" HE STILL CARES ABOUT US !! HE STILL CARES ABOUT PRIN !!!! GAH OMG

Idk if I'm just like,,, falling for his charms but homie really does seem to regret that one part of the deal, losing his lover. I don't think he has much remorse for attacking the world though, considering other elements. The offers to just run away together though like <33 Yes Xael I will run away with you, who cares for Prin (I do, sweetiebubs is having a rough time emotionally and I support them 100% in whether they side with Xael or ditch him, they're so right to do that, even if Xael never ever would have hurt THEM. Morals and boundaries do exist for a reason, and Xael also breached trust by pretending to be a normal lil human) let's go be eldritch deities that cause mass property damage and civilian death together !"

I loved the character design for this game so much too !! Like?? Gah /pos
Utterly stunning use of a cool colour palette, and the way his heart is literally MISSING from his chest like !! He's hollow inside !! It was a hollow victory,,,/pos
Wordplay my beloved

Omg I just LOVE the spark of pink compared to the cool blue tones for his eyes and earrings like <3 Omg /pos
Again it's just wonderful design wise,,,,,,, brb gonna go draw him actually

Here's him traditionally !! (took me 15-20 minutes gvfh one of my quicker ones honestly, probably helped I did black and white for him)
(Sorry it's so big btw, I... do not know how to downsize images in comments yet,,,)
He is judging you. Heavily.

I love how much character you can extrapolate from this short experience about Xael, and his relationship with Prin. You can pick up on the fact that Xael is determined, confident and a little sad from his dialogue and body language. He's got so much Charm to him that I could instantly see why Prin would have fallen for him originally, before all the "Actually I'm a deity beyond human comprehension and I'm gonna murk a bunch of people" was revealed. He's very in-tuned to what Prin likes, and whilst he may use that knowledge slightly manipulatively, with how he drops certain information, it's very clear he does genuinely love and care for Prin, or at least, who they were before. So much so that he wanted, wants even now actually, for Prin to also join him as a demonic entity. I love the detail that, no matter what, he still gives you the details about how he could escape the prison--with or without help--through the weaknesses in the barrier. That is, until you don't show ANY grounds to move or forgive him, then he tells you to just LEAVE by midnight like ??? Even when he knows Prin hates his guts, he Still tells them to get out of the danger zone then if there is no chance for Prin to be by his side during it? Uhm??/pos

He's so... contradictory. And yet complimentary. He makes sense, but he does things to the opposite of what he should for what he means. Makes sense though, he isn't human after all, he is a demonic entity, he doesn't abide by those same human morals. It's part of why my dude casually disses the fact that Prin is currently human, expressing it as a problem they can solve later where Prin expresses (indirectly) they'd go with him. He's very !!!! you know?? /pos

I love the subtle world-building, incorporating magic and the way that his hollow chest is where the Hero incapacitated him. Cool things like that !!! The term deicide too and him casually saying it's still not pleasant to go through is just >>> Splendid !!

I'm--The way the ending names are correlated to BOTH characters is also something unique to this game. Usually the names are linked to us, the players, experience, but this game also has it from Xael's POV too ! Or maybe that's just my interpretation... But in "Rekindling", Xael is also shown that Prin is still attracted to and wants to still love Xael, which you can see was actually a concern from Xael through certain dialogue patterns. They both confirmed and rekindled that loving flame between them. In "Moving On", seeing how distant Prin is and how very Not into Xael they seem, it serves as Prin's official I'm Done moment for their relationship, and thus triggers Xael's own Okay, We're Over response. "Purgatory" represents both of them being unsure where their relationship lies. Xael doesn't know how loyal Prin still is to him, and how much they're willing to do, but he's eager to try and win back their affection. Prin is struggling to identify themselves how much they still like Xael, and if they even should. Their relationship is in purgatory.

Maybe it works for both characters because the ending names aren't really about them, but the relationship as a whole. And thus, it inadvertently applies to both and I'm just rambling so much oh my stars, I apologise ahah

(Just replayed the game and unlocked the fricken "I still have feelings for you" dialogue--Just about lost my marbles at that omG....... The little blush on his cheeks dude,,,/pospospospsos
I feel like it was supposed to get that on normal playthrough but I did NOT and I am fgjgrvfy4frgv)

I just love everything about this game, honestly, thank you so much for creating it! I had an absolute blast playing and picking up on the lore available! Continue what you're doing Ekkoberry :D

Hope this big ol' comment serves as a great way to give that lovely experience back to you!


Ahhh woww what A long comment!! :00 I think there might be more words here than the entirety of HV haha-- Thank you very much!! I'm very flattered my game resonated enough to inspire so many words ;a;;

I had a lot of fun adding in all the little details, I'm glad you liked them! I appreciate your comments about all the endings too, I'm so happy you got so much out of each of them!!

Thank you for the drawing of Xael!! It's super cute, he does look very judgy. I love it!! (Your artwork displays fine to me btw, itch seems to shrink images down to (At least on PC where I'm viewing it!)

I don't have much to say on your observations other than I'm happy you picked up so much! I think the only thing I'd add is despite Xael's threats I don't picture him giving up even in the "Moving On" Ending (But that's just my own personal headcannon--can I have headcannons as the author?? LOL)

I haven't talked too much about my plans for the future (past mentioning how at some point I'd like to make a prequel)

But I do intend to do/show more of these characters (I have a few VNs to finish up first, and I intend on HV prequel on being quite long, but I have some sketches already made if you're interested in what little extras I have to share!):

Very rough screenshot along with what I imagine to be an early scene:

And 2 doodles messing a little with more intense lighting:

I've had such a smile on my face since reading this comment! Thank you very much again for saying such lovely things about my little VN! <3333

Happy to flatter you with sincere word-dumping !! It's my favourite past-time for sure for sure.

Each of the endings are just wonderful !!! lovely lovely endings each with their own Implications.../pos

I'm glad you liked my little drawing of him giggles! He was very fun to draw

Oh yeah, no, for sure. Mans is DEDICATED and I don't see him giving up for realsies any time soon. He can recognise that Right Now, he still isn't liked by Prin, but mans is a lil delulu in that he believes with 100% certainty he can win back their affection given time. He'd only leave Prin if he thinks Prin needed time before he could win them over again. But he is still very dedicated to them, for sure. He just puts up that air of nonchalance towards them for personal reasons, but he definitely hasn't Actually moved on. His perspective is less "This is Game Over, no more playing" but rather "Game Over? I have a safe file just before it, we're fine". 
(Yes you can have hcs as the author lol, they are technically just called Canon, but, HC's work when it hasn't been Officially stated inside the original work)

Oh me oh my !! Art for the prequel for the little Ghostie? Tis an honour !! IS THE PINK-HAIRED ONE PRIN ???/pos

Scrolling through the comments today led me to discover Prin was a girl, I had suspicions, and that's why I they/them'd Prin during my comments lol. Lovely gender-neutral name, was also another one who went "boy love story my beloved--" on instinct about them pffft--Either way, still love Prin, she deserves better and also some stability

Oh those are absolutely gorgeous doodles, I'm gonna pick them up and eat them now, thank you :D !! 

Happy to brighten up your days heheh <3 !! Your VN just had so much to say about it :>
Twas only right


Hi Ekkoberry,

Hope you don't mind that I did another Let's Play as well. Great work! I look forward to seeing more of this character/story in the future~

Not at all!! I'm super flattered, thank you very much!!


I'm going to post my fanart here too <3


I love this Xael so much....... Thank you again!! T____T <3333333

sooo short, but I like it a lot ^-^ great work

this game is so small, yet so so cute, xael is so cute towards prin(even though he's evil), and i really was like, wow, how the story goes from here, and started imagining cute and dangerous situations that would happen as they travel and adventure through this world. congratulations on the game! also on a different note, just kiss him already is also great.


Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed both this and JKHA!! >< <3


Made an account just to follow you hehe


Thank you very much!! ;0; <3


Is this gender neutral?




Xael is cute. I love him so much <3

yeah i love demons


Thank you very much for playing!!


made an account just so i could make this comment- you do not know how much i enjoyed Xael's character! the way he talked about his feelings towards Prin was so endearing?? Xael's line about genuinely loving Prin made me 'aww' outloud; who could've guessed the evil aspiring-conquer of earth would be so charming- anyway, before i get side-tracked- i got the 'rekindling' ending and enjoyed this game a lot, i would be thrilled if you made a follow up to this!! These two have such an endearing dynamic and i'd be so happy to see more of them!

(ps. In my mind, post 'rekindling' ending has Xael taking Prin out to a hike & picnic date or smth because the idea of this o' dark lord trying to win over his ex's affection by proving he still remembers her favourite foods and places is just too good, especially given everyone in the jail is about to lose their minds the second they realize he has escaped)


Ahh thank you very much! I'm glad you liked Xael enough to make an account! ;0;

I definitely want to do more with them! I've started chipping away at a prequel game (Though it'll take a lot of time to work through-- Got a couple VNs to finish first!)

(Absolutely haha I think he's a big softie at heart)


cute and enjoyable and had me giggling and kicking my feet, looking forward to more games (hopefully with prin and xael too)

Thank you very much!! I'm glad you liked them!


made an account just so i could kick my feet and vibrate about this. i only did one ending since it was tanking my poor old man of a laptop but it's really well made and cute and i like xael hes so silly :3

Thank you!! I'm very flattered/glad you like Xael so much!


Hello! I wanted to say I really liked the game, I went in blind and didn't realize it was for O2A2, so I thought it was a demo until yesterday. Regardless I look foward to your future games :))

Thank you very much for playing! Yeah, this is the whole thing (at least right now haha- I'd like to do a prequel game with Xael and Prin in the future!)


I MADE AN ACCOUNT JUST TO COMMENT thsi was so silly /pos

i would kill for more of this argh the art is so cute too TT

Aaah that's very flattering, I'm glad you liked Hollow Victory that much!


Visiting your villain ex in jail is such a fun concept!

Thank you!


I loved this so much!! The UI is so nice and it looks so polished! I love the overall aesthetic and I am definitely keen to see more of Xael!!

I really enjoyed reading/looking through the artbook too -- the insight into character designs and extra lore was nice!!!

Thank you very much! I'm happy you enjoyed the artbook!! ♥


I really liked the story , I was wanting more story after ending 1, and very nice graphics. 😁

Thank you very much for playing! (I'd love to add more story in the future! 1000 words was certainly a challenge LOL)

you're welcome , and I think you did amazing things with those 1000 words 😁


Fun game; I love how we essentially decide the fate on the world depending on the ending we go for. I think it really says a lot that I was completely fine with helping the demon escape. 

The art is great, I love the design of Xael! Looking forward to playing more of your games.

Thank you very much for playing!! <33


Really enjoyed playing through Hollow Victory, Xael may be an evil demon, but he also has some compassion for Prin despite Xael's current circumstances. An enjoyable read with Ending 2 being the more difficult ending to reach in comparison to Endings 1 and 3. 


Thank you very much for playing another one of my games! (Apologies for any trouble haha- I'm considering making a post for the endings/how to get them as Ive noticed a couple people seem to have trouble with 2...)


I think I'm gonna have cardiac arrest because of him. Thank you for making this game! it's so cute!

I'm glad you like him!! Thank you very much!



Thank you! ♥


I loved this SO MUCH!! I love demons, dark fantasy and romance so this was right up my alley. The story was really good and Xael is SUPER CUTE; I hope we're able to see him in another project!! The art and UI is beautiful, I loved the whole aesthetic!!

Awesome job, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your projects!! :D


Thank you very much Pri!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I defs want to do more with Xael! (He's too much my type not to haha)


Me encanto el juego, pero me quede con ganas de ayudarlo a escapar :C


awooga man


this game really cute! will have a story before Xael does this?


Thank you for playing!! ♥ He will, I'd love to make another game about what happens before this!

Bro i cant play this but i want to

Is there anything I can do to help with that? ;0;

i dont think their is i use browser so 

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